suga cubes
i ate some buttery mayonnaise last night thinking it'll be greasier than you but it wasn't

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ctrl+v does not mean paste, it means please control kim taehyung

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suga is really my bangtan bias no exceptions

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congratulations! ♡

#alsicebucketchallenge BAP had done the challenge & had pledge to donate, now it’s our turn to contribute!

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uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm   my motivation   B.A.P   ALS   

yoongi… what are you doing?

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lol no   Park Kyung   

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i’m like 102% tired

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park jiminnn!

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no   Jimin   


suga rapping about how he can send men/women to hong kong with his tongue yet he can’t sit next to a girl and look at her

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Suga's swag english
Min Suga

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my babies   BANGTAN