i ate some buttery mayonnaise last night thinking it'll be greasier than you but it wasn't

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jotwins bowling ^_^


have you ever met someone who likes the same stuff as you but they’re not obsessed enough



These are the ”bad guys” from BTS~

/cries more blood

navi date hakyeon abusing ravi and an innocent bush

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are any of my followers going? if so, please tell me~ and i’d love to be friends with dallas babys so i don’t mind meeting a few and taking pictures, i will be posting a fanaccount too!~ i will be seating in Section 104 Row Q Seat 9 ~ also are there any BABY fanclub that will be handing out goodies and such?? i’m curiouss because i want to be part of one ~ i’m going to be sitting by myself this time :( and this may be my last kpop concert for now… i spent just $5 away from being $500 on concert tickets alone haha, but it’s definitely worth it~ i am super excited, i’m not even sure what gifts i want to give to them (AHHHH DAEHYUNNIE i can’t with him omg) i’m slowly fulfilling my dreams of seeing my top groups ♡ vixx, boyfriend, and now b.a.p ♡ (who is next? bangtan???)

message me~

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happy birthday min yoongi!