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i ate some buttery mayonnaise last night thinking it'll be greasier than you but it wasn't

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1/50 gifs of Yongguk | clean up crew BangJae

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ayeee cutie   Bam Bam   

So much sass.


lmao that vixx are most known for their gory voodoo doll concept and yet they all cried like babies when they visited the haunted house except ken and hyuk who were too busy complaining about how lame it was

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"And now I wonder; would you care if you woke up this morning to find out that I had actually stopped breathing?"

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junhong being the cutest thing that there ever was

junhong being the cutest thing that there ever was

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sobs....   Zelo   

when my summer classes are over, i have exactly 1 week and 3 days left of summer before fall classes start

and i’m going to devote my time on kpop

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make me choose

parkbbom: BIGBANGor B.A.P

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oh too much it’s you your love this is overdose

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Exo   Overdose   

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make me choose || anonymous asked

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